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Operation and maintenance

Theoretical and practical training for safe flying of the HT-100.

Because professional users need to fly safe and successful missions.

HT-100 flight and technical training

ANAVIA provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training of all aspects that are required for safe flight operation of the HT-100. The training includes mission planning, simulation and flight practice and is carried out by approved ANAVIA experts – at our premises or at your location.

During our training you will acquire all skills to successfully plan and perform your own flight missions. A practical and theoretical exam will testify your proficiency level at the end of your ANAVIA training. You will receive our official manufacturer certificate (Type Certificate HT-100), which certifies the participation and successful completion of the training.

The ANAVIA training is mandatory for any pilots operating the HT-100.

ANAVIA assumes no liability and does not cover defects if the aircraft is operated by individuals not having our “Type HT-100 certificate “.

Topics covered

  • Theoretical training: Introduction of technical documentation (AFM) and teaching of system knowledge.
  • Flight Operation: Theoretical and practical training of the entire flight system (HT-100 helicopter and ground station)
  • Practical training: Carrying out of manual and autonomous flights.

Further training details

  • Up to 4 students per course incl. training material, exam and certificate
  • Duration: 8 course days, spread over two weeks
  • Factory tour ANAVIA in Switzerland
  • Graduation evening with diploma ceremony
  • Logistics & accommodation support
  • Swiss sightseeing in the region

Maintenance and servicing training

ANAVIA provides all the theoretical and practical knowledge you will need to keep the HT-100 safely and correctly in the air. The servicing and self-maintenance training courses are required – at our premises or at your location.

All acquired skills are tested by us and certified if the test is passed. Unless the servicing and maintenance training course is passed, ANAVIA assumes no liability and does not cover warranty defects.


  • Understanding all technical and electronic components of the HT-100
  • Execution of the complete self-maintenance procedure by the customer
  • Pre-flight and post-flight checks using checklists
  • Introduction to system maintenance

Flying Doctors

We handle all maintenance and safety checks. Across Europe within two days, worldwide within four. Fast and reliable including repairs and spare parts procurement.

Spare parts

Thanks to our in-house production and spare parts warehouse, we can guarantee high availability and fast delivery of spare parts for self-maintenance.

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