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The new benchmark for industrial UAV systems.


Because of its unparalleled safety, performance and ease of operation.

The standard for unmanned flight

The unmanned performance helicopter HT-100 from ANAVIA sets the standard for autonomous flying with a flight time of 240 minutes and payload of up to 65 kg. Innovative carbon lightweight construction, decades of knowledge from aerospace and motorsport technology are in the DNA of every ANAVIA helicopter. 

The HT-100. Unique in terms of security, performance and usability. A guarantee for successful flight missions.

Experience the HT-100 in 3D.

Take a look at the ANAVIA HT-100 from every angle:

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  • High-performance lightweight carbon construction for the cell and rotor blades.
  • Flettner double rotor system enables high payloads and flight stability.
  • Reliable, powerful backup electric drive as an emergency system. Intelligent redundancy system for uncompromising safety.
  • Low vibration thanks to the 15 kW shaft turbine.
  • Low-maintenance, closed, high-tech gearbox.
  • Proven, state-of-the-art hardware and software.
  • Developed and manufactured according JARUS CS-LURS. Authorisation of the Swiss NAA (BAZL) in progress and expected soon.
0 kg


0 kw




  • Safety motor:

Electric backup motor – redundant components.

  • Autorotation:

Programmed auto-rotation when the RPM drops.

  • Flight control:

Redundantly designed with four actuators.

  • Transponder/FLARM®:

The integration of reliable and proven systems reduces the risk of collision and thus increases the safety of other airspace users.

  • Lights:

Due to the arrangement of the position lights, the aircraft is visible from a long distance.

15 kW

Back-up Motor


Ease of operation

  • The system is suitable for both stationary and mobile use.
  • Rapid readiness thanks to the intelligent and intuitive design of the hardware and software.
  • Excellent mobility with a secure transport system.
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start ready

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HT-100 – Data sheet


Max. payload

65 kg (143 lbs) (fuel and payload)

Max. take-off weight

120 kg (264 lbs)

Max. flight time:

240 min.

Max. flight distance

400 km (216 nm)

Max. service ceiling

10000 ft MSL

Max. airspeed

120 km/ h (65 kn)


Rotor diameter

2 x 3.36 m (2 x 132.3”)

Dimensions L/W/H:

2.65 m x 0.56 m x 0.89 m (78.7” x 22.0” x 35.0”)

Technical data


15 kW shaft turbine


Flettner double rotor system

Empty weight

55 kg (121 lbs)

Tank capacity

60 liters (15.8 gallons)

Fuel consumption

13 l/h (3.43 gallons/h)

Electrical power

1000 W @ 24 V DC

Data link range

up to 200 km (108 nm) (mil encrypted)

Operating temperature

-25 °C to + 60 °C | -13°F to + 140°F

Wind at take-off / landing

up to 56 km/h (30 kn)

Start and landing

fully autonomous

Mission Control

  • Easy-to-operate flight system.
  • Fast and easy programming of autonomous missions on a user-friendly interface.
  • Continuous information concerning the flight data thanks to real-time telemetry information.
  • Multifunctional and easy handling thanks to the ergonomic and intuitive arrangement of the controls.
0 km

Max. Range

0 min

Max. flight time



  • Easy to fly thanks to the latest generation automatic flight control system.
  • Automatic and fully autonomous return flight in case of lost radio contact with ground station.
  • Crystal clear radio communication between the crew given with advanced radio headsets.
0 years

of development experience



  • Simple and fast payload change for a wide variety of sensors and transport systems.
  • Custom solutions possible thanks to our broad expertise.
  • Payload control via a secure and reliable data link.
LiDAR & Aerial Cameras
Airborne Magnetometer
Transport system up to 50 kg
Others upon request


With engineering expertise, innovative acumen and many years of experience in high-tech, lightweight carbon construction, we can offer our customers any kind of special solution around the HT-100. Lightness and durability are important efficiency and safety factors, such as custom payload connections. 

0 years

of experience


Request an offer now.

Optional accessories

Because every flight needs the right equipment.

Exceptional safety thanks to the backup electric motor and safety sensors. Long-range visibility thanks to the transponder and FLARM.

Skids in 3 standard heights as well as customized landing gear with optional connection of sensors.

Antennas, tripods and team radio headsets for secure communication and data transmission.

100 l tank vehicle for optimal supply of the HT-100.

Power generator to ensure adequate power for longer missions.

High-tech climate and transport safety box for safe transport and dry storage in all climatic conditions.

Toolkit for executing all maintenance and servicing work.

Custom painting with customer color scheme.


ANAVIA HT-100 Brochure

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