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Uncompromising performance and safety attributes. Can be used around the clock in any terrain and even adverse weather conditions.

Up to 65 kg of airload. Rapid change of payloads given modular connection technology.

250 flight minutes with 65 kg airload. Thanks to highly innovative drive technology and 60 l fuel tank.

Ready for take-off in 15 minutes thanks to the user-friendly technology of the aircraft and ground station. 

Self-maintenance during 250 flight hours given highest quality of components and innovative monitoring technology of the parameters.

Optimal price-performance ratio thanks to the low total cost of ownership per flight hour.

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Highest competence

Innovative lightweight construction

The development, material selection and technology of the HT-100 combines innovations that have been tried and tested over many years of aerospace  and innovative motorsport applications.


Every flight mission has its own specific requirements. A high degree of individualization of the overall system is therefore often necessary. With its highly modular design and compatibility, the concept of the HT-100 enables the implementation of even unusual requirements

30 years of experience

30 years of experience in innovative composite and lightweight construction technology is in the DNA of every ANAVIA helicopter.


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