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HT-100 Mountain

Unmanned flight operations

For demanding flight missions in all applications.

Because of its maximum reliability and performance over long deployment times.


No matter how expansive, remote and climatically challenging the target region may be, the ANAVIA HT-100 flies its mission as the carrier of high-precision and often heavy sensor systems. The high payload compatibility allows the use of different surveying systems such as lidar scanners, multi- and hyperspectral devices and much more – around the clock, with low staffing requirements and low costs, as only the ANAVIA HT-100 can offer.


Its exceptional maximum flight duration and rapid readiness are just two of the sought-after characteristics of the ANAVIA HT-100 when it comes to security-related missions to protect and monitor the integrity of expansive properties, infrastructures and events. As a carrier system for a wide range of surveillance instruments, it provides all the critical information to inspection and supervisory bodies or emergency services such as the police, border and costal guards. 

Reconnaissance & Cargo
(land and sea)

Unmanned reconnaissance and cargo missions of military supplies under harsh climatic conditions require a modular, all-weather capable and durable flight platform. With a flight time of more than 250 minutes, the modular payload options and the high-performance carbon airframe even under demanding maritime weather conditions, the HT-100 has exactly the properties that are «mission critical» during tactical operations.


With its high airload capacity of up to 65 kg and its reach, the ANAVIA HT-100 is the ideal transport system for time-critical logistics jobs. The ANAVIA HT-100 enables fast delivery of goods to hard-to-reach areas with lower flight costs than comparable systems. Regardless of the weather, season and time of day. 

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