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High-tech engineering expertise

Exceptional know-how for VTOL systems.

Because of over 150 years of experience in high-tech engineering.


“As part of our family crest, St. George stands for courage, vision and the mastery of seemingly overwhelming challenges – ANAVIA is the next chapter in this tradition.”

Jon Andri Jörg ,  Founder & Co-CEO   ANAVIA

Every mission needs an experienced team and a leader. One that combines reliability and intelligence. One that inspires the team to reach new heights. A leader like the ANAVIA HT-100. Every detail of this unmanned helicopter is infused with a spirit of discovery. A drive that forever strives to stay ahead of times. We pursue one grand objective: perfect mission achievement in every situation. With its reliability and versatility, the ANAVIA HT-100 is the ne plus ultra of unmanned VTOL systems. For every mission. For every deployment. 

Ishan Sahgal, Co-CEO ANAVIA


ANAVIA specializes in the design, development & manufacturing of vertical takeoff & landing (VTOL) systems of up to 500 kilograms. The company offers industry leading unmanned helicopter systems for various mission profiles, such as Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Inspection or Mapping & Cargo.

ANAVIA recently spun off from its mother company to fully focus on the unmanned helicopter business and further expand its aerospace product offering. The company is a unique coming together of the most experienced minds in the field of aircraft development, including lightweight aerospace carbon solutions, all sharing the same passion – to redefine the future of unmanned aircraft technology.

The company is headquartered in Switzerland and enjoys a reputation as a groundbreaking innovation company bearing the “Made in Switzerland” seal as an emblem of uncompromising quality. Sales Offices, Distribution Centers & Service Facilities will be available on every continent to ensure the highest level of customer support & services to customers.


ANAVIA will be the global market leader for medium-sized drones between 50 and 150 kilograms and will offer a comprehensive UAV range by 2030.


UAV products from ANAVIA are complete solutions. We focus on the factors of our customers’ success and their flight missions: safety, performance, ease of operation and modularity.


Everything we do reflects our uncompromising dedication to quality, our drive to innovate and our close relationship with customers.

Jobs / Career

“Every mission needs an experienced team and a leader. One that combines reliability and intelligence. One that inspires the team to reach new heights. A leader like the ANAVIA HT-100.”

At ANAVIA committed specialists from various disciplines (development, electronics, software, mechanics, mechatronics, avionics, etc.) work together to develop innovative solutions for our customers from many different sectors. As broad as our range of challenges and activities is, as diverse are your opportunities to become part of our successful team.

As a striving business we are always looking for new talents within the various company departments. Therefore, we are appreciating any unsolicited application as well. Have we piqued your interest? Then please send your application documents to

We look forward to get in contact with you.

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Currently no open positions.


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